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Safetygram™ Basics
We are not an emergency monitoring or notification service. If you witness or become aware of an emergency or dangerous situation, you are encouraged to take any legal and reasonable steps to notify the appropriate authorities, at your discretion.
Sure! The app is mostly for livecasting. All you need to do is get an account; then you can "manually upload" Safetygrams as .mp4 files.
No. Live broadcasts are only for things that are happening in real time (and you need the app for that).

The app has a feature called "Training Mode". When you send a Safetygram from Training Mode, it still uploads to BusyCop.com, but it goes to a different section, where we know not to take it seriously. Training Mode Safetygrams do not have to be of a "real" event. You can event annotate them with bogus data, to get practice using the system.

Training Mode Safetygrams do not show up on the Live map, or on the heat maps.

It's easier than writing it down!

Even the latest cell phone cameras have a lot of trouble picking up license plates. It's even worse in low light. And, having a plate, or even a partial plate, is very helpful to the process that we use to match up Safetygrams. So, it's best to shout out the plate.

Also, it helps if you use a Phonetic Alphabet. Our moderators have a hard time telling apart letters that sound the same, like "B" and "D".

Please don't drive crazy to get a look at a plate. If you don't catch it, no big deal!

Live Safetygrams: If a moderator is available (and they think your Safetygram is noteworthy enough), they will annotate your Safetygram, in order to make the plate available to everyone with a minimum of delay. Of course, you are welcome to revise their work.

Manual Upload Safetygrams: You are responsible for annotating these (usually at the time of upload).

BusyCop Dashcam users can elect not to broadcast their speed by changing the app options.

What? That never happens!

Actually, the easiest way to duplicate a Safetygram is to manually upload it (a second time) from the BusyCop Dashcam app. You can annotate the new Safetygram with the second plate.

Orders & Safetygram Accounting
Unregistered users may make up to five Live Safetygrams, per device, per calendar month, for free. Remember, you may manually upload as many Safetygrams as you want, for free (up to your data usage limit). Additional Live Safetygrams may be purchased via the app.
Unfortunately, no. Use up your free Safetygrams before the end of the month! (The month ends based on Greenwich Mean Time, to be fair to all of our users.) If you have paid subscriptions, they will reset at the beginning of the new billing cycle.

Your subscriptions apply to whichever devices are associated with your BusyCop.com account. You associate a device with your account by logging in, via the app, from that device.

Note that a subscription may only be cancelled by the Google account that purchased it (subscriptions are purchased using Google Play).

No, you still get your free Safetygrams, just like everybody else.
The system automatically charges Live Safetygrams to the line item that expires/renews first. This approach minimizes the number of Live Safetygrams that are wasted due to expiration/renewal, regardless of your usage pattern.
Sorry, we already thought of that. That's why the free monthly Live Safetygrams are granted on a per-device basis.
If you are not a registered user, you don't have a username, so naturally there will not be any username on your Safegyrams. If you do have an account, your username will be attached to your Safetygrams, if you elect to do so (by clicking the "display username publicly" checkbox).
Just click the vote button a second time.
Acceptable Content
It was probably in violation of policy. Please see our Content Policy and our Terms and Conditions.
Each video must include a vehicle (car, bicycle, etc.) doing something illegal, annoying, or dangerous. Or, all 3 at once!
Not if you don't want it to.
Sure! As long as they comply with the Content Policy.
Live Map

Only Live Safetygrams show up on the live map, and only if they are recent. Other types of Safetygrams can be found via the "Search" function or the "Rankings" function.

You can use the BusyCop Dashcam app to "manually upload" recent recordings (please do not attempt this until your vehicle is safely stopped), or you can upload Safetygrams as .mp4 files.

You may read our privacy policy here.
Unfortunately, most smartphones simply don't allow applications to do this. One day, when hardware improves, it may become possible.
It is best to uninstall the app from your device; that way, the new owner of the phone can't claim ownership of, or modify, your Safetygrams. At the very least, If you are logged in to the app, log out. Make sure "Save Password" is unchecked.
BusyCop Dashcam will not appear on your in-car display. However, it is possible to get BusyCop Dashcam to run over top of Android Auto on your phone screen, by delaying recording start until after Android Auto initializes. One way to do this is to configure "Delay Recording" for 20 seconds or longer.
For documentation on the socket.io API, please contact support@busycop.com.
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